Editorial Services


You finished your manuscript or short story (or pretty much anything that could possibly be published/read by the outside world). Congratulations! Now this is where I come in, a fresh pair of eyes to evaluate and correct your words. I will help you polish your writing, both in terms of style and content, and get it ready either for self-publishing or for submitting to literary agents and publishing houses.

Many writers choose to self-publish without going through this step, but it is essential that the pesky little (and big) errors are found and corrected before your writing reaches its readers. It is crucial for the story to be gripping, page-turning, innovative, but it is equally important for the grammar and spelling to be precise. Trust me. Your readers will thank you.


I offer two different levels of service. Either can be done straight onto the computer, in Microsoft Word using Track Changes, or on paper, the old-fashioned way.

Option 1 is line editing/proofreading which means that I will read and correct spelling errors, punctuation mistakes, typos and obvious errors.

Option 2 is copyediting which means that I will examine the text looking for grammatical errors and style inconsistencies, spelling errors, punctuation mistakes, typos and other obviously unintentional errors. If required, I will also fact-check, clarify ambiguities and poor wording.


My rates depend on the writing I’m correcting and on whether you want a “simple” line edit or a more “complex” copy-edit (see above). In order to determine the rate, I will require a sample of your work along with your total word count. So don’t hesitate to get in touch! You’ll find me to be reasonable, prompt and enthusiastic.


The acceptable methods of payment are as listed below:


-Wire transfer

-Personal check

Please note that a 20% Deposit will be required at time of booking. As for the rest, we can discuss a payment plan that will be comfortable for you.

An invoice will be provided upon completion of my work.

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. I look forward to hearing from you!