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My name is Vanessa Wildenstein and I’m a freelance proofreader/copy editor/writer. I grew up in New York, in a 100% bilingual family (French and English). I studied at the Lycée Français of New York, then went on to receive a BA in Italian Studies and Art History at Brown University. I’m a big fan of foreign languages. After studying Spanish in school and Italian at college, I also decided to learn Modern Greek. And thank goodness too, since I’ve been a resident of Athens, Greece since 2004!

In 2013, my sister, Olivia Wildenstein, sent me the fourth (or fifth – who’s counting?) draft of one of her novels, begging me to read it once again. She’s always been a prolific and talented storyteller but never seriously considered publishing until then. I was happy to oblige. Proofreading was something I actually enjoyed doing. However, I wanted to become better at it.

So, spurred on by my encouraging sister, I completed a course in Proofreading and Copy Editing with the UK-based Writer’s Bureau. With my newly-honed skills, I felt confident that I would truly be able to help her. Two years on, and with plenty of experience under my belt, I still feel thankful to my sister for setting me on this path.

After the Proofreading course, I decided to take a Creative Writing one with the same company. I figured that, in order to truly help a writer, I should understand the actual writing process better. Halfway through the program, I’m proud (and still surprised) to say that so far I’ve published four articles (web-based and magazine). I’m also really enjoying writing short stories. Who knew I had it in me? My first published short story has been included in an e-anthology (see Fiction)! And since then, I’ve been published online by Field of Words and received an Honorable Mention from Writer’s Digest.

In my free time, I love to read, travel, try new recipes, and visit museums and art fairs.

(For a full CV, contact me.)

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