“I have turned to Vanessa for two of my novels because she catches the mistakes that the author cannot see, and not only the typos, but the bigger ones, the ones that will make or break your story’s authenticity. What I appreciate with her editing is that she doesn’t try to alter your voice; she attempts to make it cleaner, sharper, so that it resonates in your readers’ minds long after they finish your story. She may be my sister but she takes her job seriously and I have yet to encounter such a thorough and dedicated proofreader.”

Olivia Wildenstein, author, Ghostboy, Chameleon and the Duke of Graffiti


“Vanessa is a fantastic copy editor. Not only will she polish your novel to perfection with her sharp laser eye, but you can count on her honesty to really bring out the best in your writing. Telling the truth, especially to an artist, isn’t easy but she’s brave enough to do so with a kindness and tact that make criticisms bearable somehow and really improve an author’s craft. Thanks to her incredible work, I found a publisher and my novel, A Cunning Plan, is to be released in May 2016. Hiring Vanessa was the best decision I could have ever made and I recommend her highly to all aspiring writers out there :).”

Astrid Arditi, author, A Cunning Plan (Sloane Harper series)


“Vanessa edits my blog, Letters from Athens, as well as all my short stories and a crime novel I’m in the process of finishing. Her eagle eye misses nothing and her comments are concise and to the point. I could not recommend her more highly.”

M.L. Kappa, writer, Letters from Athens


“Collaborating with Vanessa was a lucky coincidence! We were looking for a professional editor for wordigs.com, an innovative online English learning vocabulary tool, and we found not only an editor, but a person with culture, a keen sense of responsibility and a creative mind. She took the project to heart, shared ideas and stood by us from the very beginning until today, while we launch and promote it. Vanessa is an ongoing part of our team!”

Sofia Pattakou, wordigs.com


“I am deeply indebted to Vanessa for several reasons:

“Under her attentive eye and unprecedented attention to the most minor detail, Vanessa is able to assist in turning a manuscript round and converting it to a form which agents accept and like.

“Vanessa is a consummate professional. The quality of her work means more to her than to the author she takes care of.

“She is a human being, always encouraging, always offering solutions, always on standby for that troubled author. I was applauded for descriptions she liked.

“We all know how difficult it is to be a first-time writer, whose aspiration is to get published one day. I am such an individual, with my work of fiction, Bankers Don’t Cry. The proofreader can make all the difference in that process. Vanessa will correct not only spelling and syntax, (including some in French and German appearing in my text, may I add) but will also make suggestions for changing words to more appropriate ones. She offers advice on the presentation of characters. In my case, one character was deemed to be a bit wet. I hope he’s not too dry now, with the alterations in dialogue.

“I am proud of my work, but much more confident after Vanessa’s comments saying she liked it. Her encouragement increased my self-belief and with that, my ability to communicate with more vigour the merits of the manuscript. Thank you, Vanessa.”

Anna Koenig, author, Bankers Don’t Cry


“Vanessa has recently proofread the opening chapters and synopsis of my novel. This was completed to the highest standard. She answered all of my questions and was extremely attentive. I shall look forward to working with Vanessa in the completion of my novel. Thank you!”

Simon Culleton, author, Meine Kinder


“Vanessa creates a thorough evaluation of my work, my characters, and initial weakness in the arc or characterization. I’m always eager to read her manuscript assessment. She’s prompt and able to work within my schedule. I would happily recommend her editing services.”

Bokerah Brumley, author